We Are Having Church!

We are meeting together Sundays at 10am!

If you didn’t have a chance to watch the sermon on civil disobedience, I encourage you to do so because it really establishes the rationale for meeting together.

Here’s why we’re meeting:

1 – Because God commands us to meet together. The premise of being part of the covenant people of God is that weekly, corporate worship is essential. In the NT God’s people gather together on Sunday as a continual reminder that Jesus rose from the dead on that day. We are to meet together on the first day of the week to corporately worship the Father, through the Son, unified by the same Holy Spirit who is in all believers. For us to stop this practice – even for a short time – requires an exceptionally compelling reason. When COVID-19 first began spreading, we felt the government had a legitimate claim to ask us to stay at home from work and church for a short season. Now, we believe we can meet safely as a church in obedience to God’s command.

2 – There’s only one main authority over us who believes we should cancel meeting together: the governor. While we respect him, we also respect the whole host of other authorities above us who believe that we have a constitutional right to gather. This includes the county Sheriff who is the chief law enforcement officer over the location we meet at. He believes we have a constitutional right to gather together both inside and outside the building and he has stated he will protect our ability to gather together. If our gathering is called into question, we have his cell phone number and he can assist us. Initially, we were planning to meet outside, but with weather considerations and amplification issues we have decided to meet inside (which we believe we can do safely).

If you do not feel comfortable meeting, we respect your decision to refrain at this time. Our goal in meeting is not to defy the governor for the sake of defiance. It is simply to worship the Lord who saved us.

And although we do not require a mask to join us in worship, we respect those who might choose to wear one or take other precautions to join with us. Please be considerate of those who may have a different level of concern than you. Please refrain from airing criticisms while we gather and please show perfect courtesy toward all.

Precautionary changes we are making:
1 – We’re holding off on the 8:45am Bible Study for now. We will resume in the Fall. We may have other teaching times during the summer – stay tuned.

2 – We are temporarily closing the nursery area. It’s just not feasible to keep our play area adequately clean at this time. So we ask that if you have young ones to please bring along some toys/coloring books and crayons/etc. Children (even loud children) will always be welcome in our corporate worship. Also, please be respectful of parents with kids by asking if they are comfortable with child interaction and take helpful steps to accommodate. Having said that, child interaction is inevitable – there is no way to prevent this other than to not meet. We feel comfortable with this risk as children are among the least affected by this disease.

3 – We have rearranged the chairs in the church building in an attempt to comply with CDC guidelines. Obviously, spacing will not be perfect and the only way to ensure proper distancing is self-regulation. However, we believe our setup allows us to be as safe as any grocery store, hardware store, etc. Please be courteous to others and allow for a chair or two between groups.

4 – The setup for the Lord’s Supper will be a little different that usual. We haven’t worked out all the details yet, but we will have instructions this Sunday. We believe the Lord’s Supper is a vital part of corporate worship, so we want to be safe as we partake together.

5 – If you need to use the bathroom, please go out the front door and around to use either the porta potty or the indoor restroom. The door in the sanctuary that leads to the bathroom hallway will be closed to help with seating. It will be available to use in case of emergency.